To Christ The Ransomed Sinners Run - Video

At our gathering on Sunday, we sang ‘To Christ The Ransomed Sinners Run’ written by Wesley Randolph Eader. Here are the lyrics:

To Christ the ransomed sinners run
Their burdens cast aside
In grief, the crowned and only Son
With glory shed would die

What blessed death unique and pure
To drain the powers of hell
The Spotless Lamb, the perfect cure
For Satan’s flickerin’ spell

Great sins I had and shackled pride
Unmovable by man
Fought by works and sacrifice
The law’s imperfect plan

Though dark the stain upon the soul
And countless are it’s crimes
To Christ the challenge is so small
He gives His blood Divine

Temptation may it have a way
Upon this narrow path
Old Adam’s hand may still have swayed
And haunt the sinner’s past

But Christ our Brother had no sin
Though tempted more than we
the guilty freed forever by
His guiltless Majesty

Heaven is our sinless sphere
Eternal source of light
Judgement sits upon the throne
Where none escape his sight

Though impossible to enter in
The hands of labor try
The grace of Christ must pull them through
The needle’s narrow eye

His righteousness is not removed
by earth or hell or law
Its fixed upon his cross he proved
to stand without one flaw

In life the cross will be our guide
In death our victory
Where else can sinners come to die

to live eternally