Sunday's Gathering, October 19th

We like to start a weekly blog that we post in hopes of helping those coming to The Crossing’s Sunday gathering to engage and prepare out hearts to worship King Jesus. We will highlight the Scripture that we will preach on as well as the songs we will be singing.
Here are a three simple ways to prepare your heart:

1) Read through and meditate on the text that will be preached that Sunday with your family or friends.

2) Sing, listen or read through some of the song lyrics that we will sing together and ask God to grow and strengthen our faith and understanding of Him through them.

3) Pray for God to reveal Himself to you and the The Crossing in powerful ways!

Worship through the Word: Acts 16:16-40 “The Christian Type Pt.2”

Worship through Singing: Come Thou Fount 10,000 Reasons Not What My Hands Have Done The First Place O God

Last Weeks Sermon: Acts 16:1-15 “The Christian Type Pt. 1”