Sermon Recap, Acts 18:1-17

Acts 18:1-17,“The First Disciple’s in Corinth”

What causes fear in your heart? That was the question we opened up with in Acts 18:1-17. In this portion of scripture we see the Apostle Paul (the William Wallace of the Faith) struggle and overcome the fears and the high’s and low’s of making Disciples in Corinth.

Here are a several questions to ask and meditate on in Acts 18:1-17

1. What was the Corinthian Culture like that Paul was engaging? What are the contemporary issues that we share with the Corinthian Culture here in Fort Collins/USA?

2. What were the high’s and low’s of Paul’s ministry to the Corinthians in Verses 1-17? What are the high’s and low’s you encounter in your ministry?

3. Why did Paul in verse 6, “dust of his garments?” Why did he also say in verse 6, “Your blood be on your own heads! I am innocent?” How can we apply this OT example to our lives today?

4. Why was Paul afraid in verse 9? How did the Lord meet Paul in his fear?

5. What are the 3 commands and 3 promises that the Lord gave in verse 9? How can we apply those commands and promises in our lives when battling fear?

Acts 18:1-17 Sermon: