Sermon Recap, 1 Thessalonians 2:1-12

Warm up question:Can you think of ministries that share the gospel but not their lives?

Can you think of ministries that share their lives but not the gospel? -In your experience, why is having both so crucial to authentic gospel ministry?

Scripture Text questions:
What are some of the charges that Paul’s opponents have brought forth, verses 3 & 5?

How does Paul defend these accusations, verses 4, 7-12?

Where do we see evidence in this passage of Paul’s authentic love for the Thessalonians, verses 7-9, 12?

Application Questions:
Who would you like to share more of your life with this year with the hopes of an opportunity to share the gospel?

How can we as a life group organize our formal and informal meeting times to accommodate living life with these people? (Meals, Hobbies, Listening, Questions) – Gather/Scatter events

Who can we pray for as a group for an open door to proclaim the gospel? (cf – Col. 4:2-3)