Sermon Recap, Jan. 25th

Last week, Aaron preached on being generous with the gifts that God has blessed us with. The Word tells us to focus our mind on the things above. Below is a great video which demonstrates how we are to think about and use our possessions.

Consider these questions with your families and life groups:

Do you see yourself as rich?
-What would you consider rich?
-Do others see you as rich?

Do you look at your riches as yours or as a steward of what the Lord has entrusted to you?
-For what has God blessed us with our riches?
-Besides riches, how are you stewarding your other gifts (time, skills, knowledge, etc…)?

Is your desire to accumulate riches harming others?
-How does a Christian use money that’s different than how non-believers use money?

Is your hope in money or in God?
-Jesus tells many parables that relate directly to trusting in God over money. Which one’s can you think of?

Here’s the money diagram from the sermon:

Last week’s sermon: