Sermon Discussion – John 2:23-3:8

Hey Church Family. Here are some discussion questions from Sunday’s sermon. Take the time to discuss these either at life group, or with family and friends. We pray that you spend time reflecting on God’s word, and that your faith will be strengthened through this time. These questions are available to help facilitate that.

John 2:23-3:8

A solid, fundamental foundation is important in any context. This passage tells us about one of the foundations of the Christian faith. The concept of being ‘born again’ is crucial.

Jesus says one must, not should, be born again.

Why be born again? (2:23-25)

Some of the people in Jerusalem were ‘believing in His name’ but Jesus knew their belief was superficial, that they needed a deeper change. There’s a selfishness to this kind of belief.

Q: Why do I believe in Jesus? What am I seeking from Him? Has my belief led to love for Him?

How is someone born again? (3:1-5)

Nicodemus was a leader of the people, part of the Sanhedrin. He comes to Jesus at night, seeing that things are different with Him. Nicodemus wants some ‘one on one’ time with Jesus.

Q: Do I make ‘one on one’ time with Jesus a priority? Are there practical suggestions I might have to help someone else who struggles to make one on one time a priority with the Lord?

Jesus makes the need to be born anew clear, and Nick is confounded. His thinking on a material, horizontal level cannot comprehend this idea that is spiritual & vertical thinking.

See Ezekiel 36:24ff to see the actions that God takes to change & renew His people. This is all about the theological concept called “regeneration”- a work of God, initiated by Him and brought about by Him, to save us & to change us.

What’s the effect of being born again? (3:6-8)

Our new kind of life allows us to grow further in that life. ‘Like begets like’. Once we’re born again (“born from above”) we can now live & walk in the Spirit, no longer dominated by our flesh (human sin nature). This lifelong process is called ‘sanctification’ where God changes us and shapes us more and more into the image of Christ. All of this is at the will & direction of the Holy Spirit, who goes & does as He wills.

Q: How has my life changed as a result of being born again? How am I continuing to be changed by God in my day to day life?

Q: In what ways is the Spirit moving in my life, my heart now? Am I open to His prompting?