Sermon Discussion Questions John 7:1-24

Here’s a few sermon discussion questions to help our church love God by applying his word to our lives. Feel free to use these questions for personal reflection, alongside your family, within a smaller discipleship/journey group, or even within the context of your Life Group. If you missed Sunday’s sermon from John 7:1-24 you can view it online here:


TPQ:  How do you handle it when you know someone strongly disagrees with you or even doesn’t like you? In this passage, we’ll see how Jesus dealt with criticism and opposition.

At this point in the story, Jesus is getting more well known and the religious leaders are getting more angry at His teaching & His claims. By the end of chapter 6, many of His own followers have deserted Him.

Before the Feast of Tabernacles (booths) vs. 1-9

This feast (or festival) was mandatory for devout Jews to come to Jerusalem, one of 4 feasts throughout the year, and it happened in the Autumn. All the details of the celebration of the feast pointed the Jewish people to what God had done for them in their desert wandering after the Exodus. It reminded them of His salvation & provision toward them.

Q: what has God shown you, through circumstances in your life, that points you back to Him or gives you a fuller understanding of Him?

In vs 2-5, Jesus’ brothers tried to influence and direct Him, not believing in Him. Jesus acknowledged that the world didn’t understand or embrace Him. He says the world even hates Him. He had a timeline He was following that was according to His Father’s will, not people’s expectations.

Q: have you had family members that don’t understand or accept your faith? Are there others that are around you that don’t like you because of what you believe about Christ? If not, could it mean that you don’t stand strongly enough for the truth of the Gospel?

Jesus At the Feast  vs 10-24

Jesus goes to Jerusalem for the festival and the people were in disagreement about who He was: “(only) a good man” or “a deceiver”?

Q: do you know anyone who might hold to one of these two views about Christ (both of which are wrong)? Why do you think they see Him that way?

In vs 14 and following, as He begins to teach, those listening were amazed at His words. Yet, what He says goes against what they expect or understand.

He clarifies that:

-His teaching is from God, and He is sent by God

-when you choose to follow God, you understand the truth of His teaching

-those who follow Him will glorify God as they live in the truth

Jesus goes on to point out their hypocrisy, and He makes reference to the uproar that happened when He healed the paralyzed man (in ch 5). Their priorities were confused because their understanding of who God is and of scripture was off.

Q: how does your understanding of scripture affect your priorities? How is your approach to the Bible affecting the way you live & act? Take time to look to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to reveal your own hypocrisy to you. Perhaps you can spend time with another brother or sister in Christ and ask them to lovingly identity where your priorities may not be aligned with God’s.