Sermon Discussion Questions John 7:25-52

There was a lot of rich stuff that was highlighted in this recent sermon. Let’s try and focus on few things in the hope that they will have a great impact on us.

Have you ever experienced intense thirst? What was the situation? How good was the water once you drank it?

Read John 7:25-36

Describe the people around Jesus at this festival.

What things do they understand about Jesus? What things do they misunderstand about him?

Which people are hostile toward Jesus? Which people are interested in Jesus?

Read John 7:37-39

We’ll spend most of our time here.

Aaron mentioned that it is very common for people to try and “drink” from things that won’t satisfy. What are some of these common “drinks” that our culture sips from?

He also highlighted that Christians are not immune to this. We often times trade out the Holy Spirit as the third member of the Trinity for someone or something else, in the statement “Father, Son, and _______” what are some common things that Christians use to fill in the blank?

Break up into groups of 3-4 people that you feel comfortable with. First, read some Scriptures to each other that Jesus probably had in mind when he said this.

Read Isaiah 12:3, 58:11; Jeremiah 2:12-13, 31:12; Ezekiel 34:26; Psalm 36:7-9, 84:5-7, 107:35

Now in humility and honesty, talk to each other about the ways that your thirst has been satisfied by the Spirit of Christ in your life.

Speak honestly about the struggles in your life that are made worse by trying to sip from different “drinks.”

Who are the people that you can be a source of living water to in your life and what would that look like?

Pray for each other.

If there’s time after this, come back together as a group to finish the text.

Read John 7:45-46

If you are feeling down or condemned because you see the areas in your life where you’ve “sipped from different drinks,” take courage in a couple things.

  1. When Jesus invites people to come drink, who does he specifically invite?
    1. Answer: anyone. This includes even the people who were conspiring to kill him that day. He invites everyone from the curious onlookers to his vitriolic enemies. He is inviting you.
    2. May be worth mentioning that the verb tense in the Greek communicates “come and keep coming to me” and “drink and keep drinking from me,” so this is not a one time act at salvation, but the continual invitation to the believer as well.

  2. What was the response of the officers who went to arrest Jesus?
    1. “No one ever spoke like this man!”
    2. If you are feeling troubled, don’t let that push you away from Jesus, but toward him. Go to the one who can arrest you with his words. Go to the one who has waters springing up to eternal life (John 4:14), go to the one who has the words of eternal life (compare Peter’s words in John 6:68).