John Piper

Don't Waste Your Life - Free Audiobook

Every month gives away a free audiobook. This month the free giveaway is Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper. This a book that God used to transform my life, and I highly recommend it. Put it on your iPod or mp3 player (or burn it to a CD if anybody still does that) and redeem the time you spend doing more mindless activities.
Here is a link to a sermon by Pastor John that can give you a taste of what the book is about.

Free PDF Downloads:
Don’t Waste Your Life (PDF)
Don’t Waste Your Life Study Guide (PDF)

The Gospel Coalition

The Crossing is a member of The Gospel Coalition. This is a network of churches and pastors dedicated to keeping the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the center of everything we do. Watch this video to hear the heartbeat of The Gospel Coalition which is also the heartbeat of The Crossing.

How to Fight against the Pull of the World

In a world full of God-ignoring philosophies, how can we remember who we really are in Christ?  How can we actively fight against the pull of the world that begs for us to ignore God and focus on the things that will fade away?  Listen to this less-than-2-minute excerpt from a sermon John Piper preached on “How Aliens Keep the Identity of Their Homeland”. [audio:|titles=How Aliens Keep the Identity of Their Homeland – John Piper]