Song of Solomon

Attraction, dating, courtship, intimacy, marriage, sex. These might be some topics that many churches would shy away from, but does God? To loosely quote Pastor Tommy Nelson:

Do we really believe that God gave us a feeling as perceivable as romance, a passion as powerful as sex, an institution as emotional and sometimes painful as marriage, and yet told us nothing about it?

Do we really believe that in all the wisdom of the Bible, God has left out a topic so important? Yet so many people have never been taught a Biblical perspective on these issues. How many of you have learned about sex and romance from your church and/or your parents? Now, how many of you have learned about sex from Howard Stern, Hugh Hefner, TV, movies and the like? We are blessed that God has indeed given us wisdom on these important topics. In his video series on the Song of Solomon, Tommy Nelson discusses topics that many pastors would not, topics that are vitally important.

2005 Song of Solomon Trailer from The Hub on Vimeo.

The series starts from the point of attraction and go all the way through marriage and even death, and would be edifying for everyone, no matter what kind of relationship you are in, or not yet in.