Something Amazing From Prague!

I just received an e-mail from a good friend and sister in Christ.  Kara Swindler is currently on mission in the Czech Republic for the foreseeable future, and The Crossing is actively supporting Kara in her ministry to a very dark and atheistic nation.  I praise God for what He is doing in the Czech through and for Kara and the people she is reaching.  Here is her e-mail:

    An AMAZING event happened yesterday!

    We had 4 of our students in our apartment, not for English club BUT for a BIBLE STUDY!!!  Why is this so amazing?  It was their first bible study for all 4 girls. Three of these girls, Cristina, Jane, and Bara, became Christians in the last year and the other girl, Šarka, is not a Christian but wanted to come.  At the end of 4 hours of eating, laughing, and learning about God’s Word together – everyone asked where to start reading the bible? We all excitedly answered to meet weekly and study the gospel of John together. My 2 Czech roommates (also English teachers) Eliška, Zuzka, and I will be leading the bible study together.

    Please pray for God’s Words in John to reveal the glory of Christ to Cristina, Jane, Bara, Šarka as they venture forward. Also for God’s wisdom to be spoken through Eliška, Zuzka and I as we share the joy it is to know our God and Savior more and more! (see the picture of my roommates and I attached!)

    the LORD’s   Kara Swindler

She included this picture in her message:

For more information on Kara, check out her blog.