Theology Matters

This short video promotes not only the study of Theology for the glory of God, but also a new book by Joshua Harris called Dug Down Deep. Here is a short comment from Josh’s blog about why he wrote the book:

    Dug Down Deep is a simple introduction to basic Christian belief. One person described it as systematic theology disguised as something readable. I wrote it so that people who might not normally read theology would be able to digest it and understand how life-giving and important it is for living the Christian life.

    One of my hopes for the book is that it would be a tool to help small groups take a first step in studying theology together. I have a particular burden to see high school and college-age students discover that sound doctrine isn’t just for old people, it’s for all of us. I also wrote it in the hope that Christians would give it to unbelieving friends as a way of starting a conversation about God, the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ.