For the Ladies

In a world that is inundated with “worldly wisdom” for women, Carolyn Mahaney and her daughters provide “wisdom from above” in their blog “girltalk.” You can find the link at Girltalk is a site devoted to “Conversations on biblical womanhood and other fun stuff.” Ladies, if you want to be encouraged and challenged as women of God, wives, mothers and friends this blog is for you. There are numerous resources that are there for your edification, enjoy.
Here is a taste of a daily devotional from girltalk.

Today was “one of those days.” I woke up late and could barely keep my eyes open as I began my morning routine. I was behind schedule. All of my well thought out plans for my morning seemed lost. On days like this, the temptation to live by my emotions looms large. Complaining and grumbling were on my tongue. And then I read this, “We are TODAY accepted in the Beloved, TODAY absolved from sin, TODAY acquitted at the bar of God. Oh! Soul-transporting thought.” Mr. Spurgeon strikes again. My grumbling heart stood rebuked. Today is one of those days—one of those amazing days, which find me standing before the bar of God acquitted from all of my sin because of the death of Jesus Christ on my behalf. Yes, Mr. Spurgeon, this is a “soul transporting” thought.

Regardless of what this day holds for you, may the truth of your acceptance in the Beloved reign first in your heart.

“One of Those Days”
by Janelle Bradshaw